Staff Directory

To contact a staff member by phone, please call the office at (714) 663-6218.

Name Title/Position Email Web site
Support Staff
Kelly Welch Speech Pathologist
LaTisha Vaicaro School Psychologist
Adam Shelley Technology Support Specialist I
Instructional Staff
Quynh Wagoner Teacher
Theo Vo Teacher
Yung Tran Teacher
Chrysty Swenson Teacher
Suzanne Russo Teacher
Cindy Ribeiro Teacher
Harrison Pham Teacher
Vicky Northup Teacher
Carie Nguyen Teacher
Tony Maytorena Teacher
Brandon Loomis Teacher
Evette Marquez Teacher
James Kim Teacher
Peter Kelley Teacher
Bridget Holdermann Teacher
Hendrik Guevara Teacher
Kelly Flindt Teacher
Janet Fettig Teacher
Kelly Duncan Teacher
Susan Duquesnel Teacher
Thao Dinh Teacher
Cathy Diama Teacher
Amy Delgadillo Teacher
Jasmine Chang Teacher
Grace Cao Teacher
Brian Bixby Teacher
Angela Borlasa Teacher
Katy Badilla Teacher
Custodial Staff
Martin Cove Plant Supervisor
Office Staff
Cindy Seibold Attendance Clerk
Esperanza Sandiero Health Assistant
Kristy Nguyen Vietnamese Liaison
Michele Mercado Nurse
Majd Haddad Arabic Liaison
Sandra Gomez Spanish Liaison
Monica Buelna Clerk
Julie Bryan Secretary
Thuy Vorpahl Guidance Counselor
Allie Bak Assistant Principal
Bill Gates Principal