AERIES Student Portal Setup Instructions

Hello students!

To create your Student Aeries Portal account, please go to and follow along with these instructions:
1) Select "Create New Account":
2) Click the "Student" radial button:
3) Enter your GGUSD
4) Go to Gmail and locate the Parent Portal email:
5) Click on the email to open it:
6) You can either click "Confirm This Email Address" or Copy/Paste the "Email Code":
7) If you choose the copy/paste method, return to that Aeries page, and paste the email code:
8) Then click the "Return to Login Page":
9a) Now, enter your as the login email: 
9b) Like so, then click "Next":
10) Then enter the password from Step 3 (see above):
11) Now, you will be presented with a screen (I cannot show you this verification screen). You will enter the following information provided in an email sent from McGarvin Intermediate:
  • Student ID
  • Phone Number
  • Verification Code
That's it! You are all done! Now you can log in and view your grades. Just click the "Home" tab in the top left to view your classes/grades.
If you have any issues with any of these steps, please contact McGarvin Intermediate's front office.